Introducing the Art Of Living in Belgium

AOL is a full member of EURA (European Relocation Association), ABRA (Belgium Relocation Association) and ERC (Employee Relocation Association USA).

AOL is following the rules of conduct here after :

AOL warrants that it shall exercise all reasonable skill, care and diligence in the performance of its Services and shall carry out it services in accordance with good professional practice.

AOL will not seek business or conduct business by improper or illegal means

AOL will promote and protect its client’s best interest.

AOL will not misrepresent itself, the services that it offers or any subject of property.

AOL will not accept instructions from clients whose requirements cannot possibly be met.

AOL will never allow any conflict of interest to jeopardize its attention to a client’s best interest.

AOL will never accept any payment from third party suppliers.

AOL will maintain regular client contact to keep its clients informed as to progress, lack of progress and action being taken.

Any interest in a subject property will be declared to a client from the outset.

AOL will ensure that each client is aware of the terms and conditions upon which its services are being supplied. 

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Red Carpet


Work permit application & emigration

Work permit application
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Cross cultural training

Cross cultural

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Car importation



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